Case StudyBig Red Removals


I initially began working with Big Red as their Google Adwords account manager. A major agency had been previously running their campaign… quite badly as it turned out. When they came to me they we’re spending an average of over £7.00 per click. In my initial assessment I uncovered clicks costing £18.00 each!

London removals is a competitive niche, but this was clearly madness. I restructured the campaign to promote they keywords that were working and rid it of those that were bleeding it dry. Did this company really want to be bidding on ‘laser hair removal in London’? You bet they didn’t. And this was a campaign supposedly run by an expert, global agency.

The result was an almost immediate 50% drop in CPC. That was the easy bit. To further refine things the company agreed to add keyword specific landing pages. This sent their quality scores through the roof and resulted in a further drop in costs. Six months of TLC later and they now dominate the top positions for their most effective keywords at a very comfortable CPC.

I continue to work for this client on a monthly basis and have since redeveloped their entire website. They are million miles away from those crazy CPCs that were crippling their ROI.

If there is one frequent request I receive it is to limit the spend or even turn things off for a few days – they just cannot cope with the enquiries the site is generating!

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