My Skill Set

Below is a list of my skills and proficiencies. Click on an item to view projects that utilised a specific skill.

  • 3D

    I have previously worked a video games artist and am highly skilled in all aspects of 3D design. These days I focus on web work but the 3D skills still come in handy...

  • Adwords

    As an accredited Google Partner, I am perfectly placed to review, manage and maintain your Adwords PPC campaigns.

  • Bing Ads

    Microsoft may have less users that Google but there's still a great opportunity to deliver traffic through their BingAds PPC system.

  • CSS3

    I am highly competent in the use of the latest CSS techniques.

  • Goal Tracking

    Every website has goals and targets it wants to achieve. Without goal tracking you don't know what avenues of your website are performing and which aren't.

  • HTML5

    You need a website that employs the very latest web technologies. I use the latest mark-up to build cutting edge web solutions.

  • Print

    Although not my core focus, I have done a lot of print projects for clients over the years.

  • Psychology

    Understanding why a user might choose to complete an order or not can give you a real edge when it comes to outperforming your competitors.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive websites look great no matter what device they are being viewed on. All the websites I build are designed to be fully mobile friendly.

  • Software

    I regularly use Photoshop, Illustrator, 3dsMax and many other tools to deliver bespoke solutions to my clients.

  • Split Testing

    The initial build of a website is just the beginning. With split testing you can pitch different versions of your website against each other and refine your site in to a highly optimised marketing beast.

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  • User Experience

    User Experience, or UX, is the practice of ensuring your users enjoy their experience on your website, engage with your content and fulfill the goals you want them to achieve.

  • Wordpress

    A lot of my websites are built with Wordpress. It has evolved in to a powerful and versatile platform that speeds up the development process and helps keep costs down.

  • Yahoo

    Pay-per-click advertising on Yahoo uses the Bingads platform. Often overlooked in favour of Adwords, it still has to power to deliver targeted traffic that can pay dividends.

  • YouTube

    Pay-per-click marketing trough YouTube can help you reach an audience you may have otherwise missed.

  • jQuery

    jQuery is a popular javascript library that can quickly bring breath life in to an otherwise static website.